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What's News!



Andrew's most recent sculpture Tango! (click to see larger) made its debut appearance at a special benefit for Ventfort Hall on June 21st.. For now, you can see these works here (click on each picture to see the dimensions, editions and price), or at our gallery in Lenox, MA.

The work features a pair of dancers passionately embracing in the midst of a tango dance and measures 23"h x 23"w x 8"d (and is an edition of 8). It is mounted on an elegant walnut and black marble base.



Sunshine & Moonlight

Two new sculptures - and a new sculpture category: "Jugglers, Jesters and Musicians!" Many lovers of Andrew's work have exclaimed over previous works such as The Juggler, Jester, Rapture, etc. and with the addition of these new works Andrew has decided to set up a new category in his online Sculpture Gallery to showcase works of this type. For now, you can see these works here (click on each picture to see the dimensions, editions and price), but stay tuned - we'll have the new category up and 'browse-able' soon!



Andrew expounds at Open Studio

The Crucible Lecture Series

This summer, Andrew will present a series of lectures on the greenspace outside the DFAI Gallery in Lenox focusing on three key features of his artistic process. The first, on Saturday June 28th from 2:30 to 3:30 pm is called The Birth of Inspiration, and will present an in-depth look at a traditionally hard to define concept: Inspiration. Andrew will share from his own personal experience as sculptor and fine artist how he attempts to capture and bring this element to fruition in his finished work.

The second lecture, Clay in Motion, will be presented on Saturday July 26th at 2:30. This lecture will revolve around the actual modeling, armatures and mediums that Andrew uses to create each of his sculptures.

The third lecture on Saturday August 2nd, Breaking the Mold, will concentrate on the mold making and casting process and highlight the differences between rubber molds for the lost wax portion of the process and ceramic shell system used for refractory molds in which the bronze is actually poured.

The three lectures will act as a lead up to Andrew’s annual Open Studio event at River Studio in Middlefield where visitors will get to see each part of this process in depth, including a bronze “pour” into the created ceramic shells.  Dates for the Open Studio are August 16th & 17th – hope you can attend! Click here for more information. PLEASE follow the directions given on the website as the studio is very rural and GPS will NOT work.


One of the many lives of Other Side of Eden

Other Side of Eden
Commissioned at 15 Feet

Andrew's sculpture Other Side of Eden has proven to be one of his most popular and intriguing works. Originally cast in 1980 in a 22" version (edition sold out) Andrew, always seeing the work much larger, on his own created and cast a 62" version in 1991 (edition of 9 with 4 left). In 2003 a 37" version was commissioned by a patron in an edition of 12 (5 left in this edition).

This work holds a very special place in Andrew's heart as it was the very first sculpture that 'appeared' to him completely finished…in his mind's eye. As many of you know Andrew's career started in a ballet studio drawing dancers, both in motion and at rest, just as his artistic hero Degas did before him. Andrew had already begun to sculpt, but would still visit the studios and draw the dancers. One night a male dancer completing the last grand jeté of a series crashed into the studio's wall. Andrew had in that moment a flash of inspiration, and actually saw the dancer going through the wall.

Finally, 35 years later - this magnificent work will be brought to life in a monumental version thanks to supportive (and thrilled!) patrons Thomas H. and Mary Steffek Blaske in Ann Arbor Michigan. This fifteen foot work is expected to take a year to complete. We will, of course, keep you all updated on Andrew's progress on this exciting commission.

Three Different Note card Sets!

Andrew is now offering 3 different note card sets: a pastel series featuring Angels, a series of bronze Dance Sculptures and a pastel series based on sketches created in Dance Studios. These make excellent gifts to share your love of Andrew's work with friends. Call the studio with questions or to order!

(Click here to see a slide show of Andrew's Angel Pastels)

(Click here to see a slide show of Andrew's Dance Pastels)

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