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What's News!

FedEx Grant - Vote for Andrew!

Click on "Vote for DeVries Fine Art" to vote for us using your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. Voting is allowed once per 24 hour period, per social account!

DeVries Fine Art has officially entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. You can vote for us by clicking on the "vote for DeVries Fine Art" button in the block to the left.

You will be required to choose which social platform you'd like to use (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and your login ID will be required to cast your vote. Voting is limited to once per 24 hour period per social platform. The first time a voter clicks on the "vote" button, they will get a message from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram asking to allow access. If you do not agree to this, the vote is not cast. Allowing that access only allows FedEx to track votes by ID and enforce the one vote per 24 hour period per platform rule to prevent fraudulent voting. FedEx states that they do not use this information for any other purpose.

The number of votes received will be shown on our contest profile and you can share your vote via social media. You can vote for us once every 24 hours for each of social media accounts you have (up to 3 times if you have all three accounts). The voting will continue through March 17th!

The funds will be used to upgrade our equipment and studio for the casting of Andrew's monumental Other Side of Eden, and to help finish Sheri Miller Bedau's documentary of Andrew's 35-year career. Sheri also created the 1 minute video profile of Andrew for the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, visible from the contest entry page, and also viewable on YouTube here.

See the article below for the progress on this extraordinary sculpture.


Roughing in the head


Second layer of clay on the wall

'Pointing up' the back upper half


Sparks flying!

15 Foot Other Side of Eden
Commission Continues...

Andrew's sculpture Other Side of Eden has proven to be one of his most popular and intriguing works. Originally cast in 1980 in a 22" version (edition sold out) Andrew, always seeing the work much larger, on his own created and cast a 62" version in 1991 in an edition of 9 (4 left in this edition). In 2003 a 37" version was commissioned by a patron in an edition of 12 (4 left in this edition).

This work holds a very special place in Andrew's heart as it was the very first sculpture that 'appeared' to him completely finished…in his mind's eye. As many of you know Andrew's career started in a ballet studio drawing dancers, both in motion and at rest, just as his artistic hero Degas did before him. Andrew had already begun to sculpt, but would still visit the studios and draw the dancers. One night a male dancer completing the last grand jeté of a series crashed into the studio's wall. Andrew had in that moment a flash of inspiration, and actually saw the dancer going through the wall.

Finally, 35 years later - this magnificent work will be brought to life in a monumental version thanks to supportive (and thrilled!) patrons Thomas H. and Mary Steffek Blaske in Ann Arbor Michigan. This fifteen foot work is expected to take a year to complete.


The left arm, with Patricia (at 5 ft.) for scale!

The top half returns to River Studio

The top and bottom halves united!


Welcoming visitors to River Studio

"The sculpture really has taken on a breathtaking impact" says Andrew. "Each day brings a little more refinement. Visitors have begun braving the trek out to River Studio to see the work in progress, and are awed!"

With the news of this large commission, there is a burgeoning interest in the other current versions of this sculpture. One is being purchased by patron friends in Paris, so perhaps a trip is in store for Andrew and Patricia to the city of light! (Time to brush up on the Française Andrew!). There are now only four left in both the 37 inch and 62 inch editions.

Andrew has a target of mid May to finish the clay of the sculpture. Once finished Tom and Mary Steffek Blaske who commissioned this work will arrive to see it in real life for the first time. Once approved, Andrew will begin the next stage in the process. A rubber mold consisting of over 50 sections will be made to capture every form and detail, from top to bottom - every fingerprint, nuance and stroke of a tool used on the clay. Andrew anticipates making the rubber mold will be a month long process with casting the bronze sections to begin soon after.

We will, of course, keep you all updated on Andrew's progress on this exciting commission.

Finishing off the top of the front wall

Patricia, Ann McDonald and Henry Holt come to view the progress

WMHT-TV: AHA! A House for Arts

Kurt Warner (with camera) and producer Matt Rogowicz
set up a shot
with Andrew at River Studio

WMHT-TV, the PBS station that broadcasts out of Albany, NY brought its show "AHA! A House for Arts" to Andrew's River Studio this October 7th. AHA! features the stories of artists, makers, and creative institutions in our local region and across the country celebrating all things creative and featuring everything from the traditional to the innovative.

Matt Rogowicz, producer of AHA! for the weekly program and Kurt Warner, independent filmmaker arrived on a beautiful fall day to Andrew's studio in the Berkshires. With the foundry furnace fires roaring the team jumped right into filming Andrew pouring molten bronze into ceramic shell molds for the large This Man Who Flies at his casting studio. After exploring the other parts of the process that take place in that building, the filming continued back at the barn studio to capture the other stages of the sculpting process – from original sketch and working with a model (there was a live model present) to rubber molds, pouring waxes, wax chasing, bronze chasing and the final step of patination (they filmed Andrew creating a patina on the second casting of Echoes, photo on left).

The beautifully filmed episode with Andrew aired on November 19th, 2014, and Andrew's segment is now on You Tube here. The entire episode can be found at the WMHT website here (Andrew's segment is first).


New! Outdoor Sculpture Note Card Set

Andrew's newest Note Card Set uses images of some of his best loved Outdoor Sculptures, photographed in various settings and seasons. There is a total of 10 different Outdoor Sculpture cards with envelopes in each box. These make excellent gifts to share your love of Andrew's work with friends. Call the studio with questions or to order!

(Click here to see the full Outdoor Sculpture page of our Online Sculpture Gallery)

Three Different Note card Sets

Andrew is now offering 3 different note card sets: a pastel series featuring Angels, a series of bronze Dance Sculptures and a pastel series based on sketches created in Dance Studios. These make excellent gifts to share your love of Andrew's work with friends. Call the studio with questions or to order!

(Click here to see a slide show of Andrew's Angel Pastels)

(Click here to see a slide show of Andrew's Dance Pastels)

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